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about us

“Minor Literature” (ادبیات اقلیت) is an independent Online magazine founded in April 2015 with the motive of creating an independent voice for those whose thoughts have been less widely seen and heard, with the intention of showing serious literature; those who don’t have a base and a place other than literature They are the real resident of this house.


Throughout the literary history, Persian literature has been known as a mysterious and magical world of unknown, which has influenced and inspired many thinkers and writers all over the world. From the Thousand and One Nights to the Ru’ba’iyat of Khayyam and the Hafez’s lyrics and the poems of Rumi … each of which is more or less known globally.

Nevertheless, today’s contemporary Persian literature that is the heritor of this ancient treasure, is not much known and introduced.

The “Minor literature” English site was founded in 2018. In this site we intend to introduce and publish the translated work of contemporary Persian literature in English as much as possible.

“Minor literature” is an independent and autonomous group that tries to interduce the works of contemporary Persian writers and poets, regardless of political, ethnic, racial, religious or gender categories.

We hope to achieve two main goals:

1. Introducing Contemporary Persian Literature, Persian Writers and Poets, to those that are interested in Contemporary Persian Literature;
2. Creating a two way communication between Persian writers and poets and publishers and literary agencies around the world.

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