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Note: The Dilemma / with Kourosh Asadi; 26th June 2017
Note: The Dilemma / with Kourosh Asadi; 26th June 2017

Note: The Dilemma / with Kourosh Asadi; 26th June 2017

Fateme Mashhadi Rostam: Remained at the half. Remained half and went. I’m talking about his wishes. And a lot of his sheets of paper were only half darkened and did not finish their speeches…

Today we met with Kourosh Asadi in two meetings!

At the first meeting, we saw him at the Iranian Artist’s Forum. He also saw us. Even though he closed his eyes and, under the cashmere, talked to us about life, and that: Life is writing in the quietness with yourself and yourself.

A crowd had come, but not in proportion to the crowd is come for the artist, such as actors or singers, which of course, deserves an army for them to deserve! But we read in the eyes, then, how to give up the award for a writer and where is a chest and a presence for literature and its affiliates, who are the people who have pens in their hands?

And what is the main point of the value of literature, or to what extent can it have a border? That it will look for an army when necessary…

Everyone said that the literature is oppressed, and indeed it is right.

Literature is oppressed because it sees in isolation and finally silence, the depth and emotions of the violent and then skillfully forms it in the form of words and makes it a colorful substance to draw the pain with it. And Kourosh Asadi how richly was coloring literature in his mind and how exactly, inside what he wanted in his thought…

Kourosh Asadi went. Went… went to our second meeting!

Kourosh Asadi went to the extent that it does not hurt a lot of mischief to itself…

Kourosh Asadi went to become a different tune-up for those who strangely with the pen…

It was 26th June and it was the house of artists and demons who were blushing…

There were a crowd and loved ones who stood at the bedside of Kourosh Asadi, standing behind the podium to divide the tongue… but tears shouting without saying anything.

I said your words.

Mahmood dolatabadi could not be the opponent of this orator! As Farzane Taheri and Hussein Sanapour and Hormoz Alipour and many others…

Kourosh Asadi suddenly but quietly left two paths in the “National Garden” for his enthusiastic eyes. Just like the personality of his book, who chose the two paths his choice and went and went, to arrive.

Kourosh Asadi, in the choice he did not choose this time, went on to find the ghosts of his mind in isolation, in the far-away revelations, in a place called “Behesht-e Zahra” in our other encounters, under the soil of the dust, in the shadow of the cedar trees… Maybe leaving the literature in minds and memories!

Her soul is happy.

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