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Premature Pressure / By Hamidreza Sharifi
Premature Pressure / By Hamidreza Sharifi

Premature Pressure / By Hamidreza Sharifi

Hamid Reza Sharifi was a young Iranian writer who died in July 2012 in suicide attempt. The novel Premature Pressure is his only novel that was published  in 2015.

Premature Pressure is full of odd events. Sharifi with the uses of Humorous language shows us everything from another point of view. Hamid Reza Sharifi has built an atmosphere in his novel that it is not blunt to see and read city of Qom’s description in the words of Levi Strauss, in his unfinished diary, called “optimized manuscripts”, the original manuscript was given to Afrouz (the main character of the novel) by his uncle: Eghbal. The atmospher created in the novel permits the writer to claim that the Dervishes of the Qom are related to the French Revolution, and Afrouz’s father (Mr. Adam) ” knows most of world languages” and the birth of Afrouz sat the basis for the fight against gender discrimination in France and Luce Irigaray will be the senior nurse in artificial insemination operation and keeps the flag of protest up!

In Premature Pressure Akbar who is a serious drug-addict with dirty old clothes, that whenever comes in the street the children gather around him, playing and singing,  is one of the prominent interrogators of the Louis XVI government, and they left the chair of the Louis XI Revolt Room to him. As Uncle Iqbal –which the starts and ends with him going up and down the stairs on Afrouz’s shoulder- is a member of the Cordeliers Club, he is in the grope of “daraviz’s darvish” who joined French Revolution and is the Akbar is his torturer. These are part of the events that are linked to the Afrouz’s destiny in the story. But what do these events have to do with Afrouz’s life? The story is a bit complicated. “Revolution”, “poverty”, “fantasy”, “sexual relations” and “astonishment” are issues that Afrouz, the writer of the novel, we readers and all the story elements are engaged with them.

Part of the novel:

Uncle Iqbal’s speech took three minutes, which two minutes of it was silence. But that one minute affected the French history forever. The villagers did not understand the meaning of the words, but under influence of intangible power in his voice and the power in his eyes, they became vehement. Suddenly the old grudges boiled in their veins. Words like Paris, torture, Versailles, Inferiority, and Daring, where the words that they were hearing for the first time and they didn’t have any particular understanding of these words.


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